It's about to get very busy on the Cemetech front page, so buckle up for a flood of news articles about TI Education's annual T^3 conference. We will soon be diving into our coverage of the conference, its keynote talks from well-known scientists and educators, and its many fascinating plenary sessions taught by teachers and aimed at other teachers who use TI graphing calculators. However, before we do, there are a few new games that as a group are significant enough to warrant coverage. As noted by two days ago, the smash-hit smartphone game Flappy Bird has suddenly become the cliched quadratic formula solver of modern graphing calculator programmers. No fewer than a dozen Flappy Bird games and variants have been published for TI and Casio graphing calculators, and we are either proud or ashamed to host a number of them here. Cemetech news covered Flappy Bird Color for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition two weeks ago, but since then, many other options have made their way into the Cemetech Archives:

:: Flappy Bird by ClrDraw for the monochrome TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus is written in Axe and offers standard Flappy Bird gameplay. Some have criticized the large sprites as ill-suited to the calculators' small screens, but many have praised the game's adherence to the original. Download Here
:: Flappy Bird Color by Kerm Martian for the color TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition is written in hybrid TI-BASIC and takes advantage of Doors CSE's xLIBC library. It too is a faithful recreation of the original game. Download Here
:: Flappy Bird (Prizm) by Lancelot for the Casio Prizm (fx-CG10 and fx-CG20) is a beautiful port of Flappy Bird written in C. It has the honor of being the fastest-downloaded Prizm game before we even wrote a news article about it. Download Here
:: Flippy Bard by KermMartian is a gentle pun on the original Flappy Bird game, inspired by a Cemetech administrator who objected to naming the calculator clones "Flappy Bird". It replaces the protagonist with the Bard of Stratford-upon-Avon, William Shakespare himself. In addition, when you lose, It selects from among Shakespare's most poignant insults to mock you. Download Here

On a much more academic and educational note, Cemetech administrator Christopher "Kerm Martian" Mitchell is flying as we speak to Las Vegas for T^3 2014, TI Education's conference teaching more effective use of graphing calculators in the classroom. Besides covering the many talks and sessions at the conference, Christopher will be interviewing teachers about their use of TI technology and teaching a session of his own on graphing calculator programming with the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus series. We also look forward to catching up with our colleagues from Texas Instruments and TI to whom Shaun "Merthsoft" McFall and Christopher spoke last year. Keep your eyes on Cemetech in the next four days for full coverage in news articles, photographs, and topics.

Last Year's T^3 Coverage
T^3 2013 Postmortem and Summary
This is actually a good game! Really, I love it, especially the transposal of "Flappy Bird" evident in the title! Nice one! Laughing

However, this did not come without a few tiny little details I'm annoyed at.

1. The icon is the Flappy Bird from the original...yet the bird shows up nowhere! I really think the icon should've been an upside-down sprite of the Bard.
2. The Elizabethian-style insults at the end were a nice touch! Totally fits with the Bard concept! However, I don't like it how each of them (except for "Thine face is not worth sunburning") word-wraps prematurely in the middle of a word. This detracts nothing from their enjoyability, however; it just irritates me when something like that happens.
3. Finally, I was actually surprised that the code, at a glance, looks to be majorly optimizable. I expect more from you. Surprised
And, on a similar note, you should always, in a BASIC program, put SetUpEditor (sound at STAT - 5) followed by the names of the custom lists in use separated by commas. For example, with FBHS:

SetUpEditor FBHS



That way, it's unarchived if archived, and created if it doesn't exist.
You didn't do that here, and that would probably have caused an error for me were it not for my having the original Flappy Bird Color: An Homage highscore on, too.

Aside from that, the game is great! Keep it up...and take my advice. Razz
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