So my grand father was an inventor but he didn't need all his stuff (hes like 80 now) and he gave what he could not sell to me.

So. knowing this the next part will make sense.

item list:

50+ water resistant plastic boxes

10+ broken boat alarms

Shit loud of mercury switch to bring to hazard waste place (man they look cool those Rolling Eyes).

30+ Sirens (went with boat alarms there big)
30+ black Sirens same as other.

full photo:

300+ crappy old transformers (no not the robots... they have little amounts of copper but take to long to get out)

So far I used a Siren to make a sweet ipod/mp3 speaker that can be very loud if used with a volume amplifier. I made one for me and fiveforce (he is lives next door).

So now what else should I make with these Sirens? Computer speakers? you name it name ideas below ill upload pics of every thing BTW the sirens run with 6 to 12v.

Did I mention that I have over 500+ mercury switches? very very dangerous. wish I could ship some of them to Kerm to have some fun with Laughing

when I turn them in I bet the government peeps be like OMGZ! WTF HOW YOU GEET SOME MEENY!?

all photos are exact logo / model described

same alarm logo, same siren model, same mercury switches.
Yeah, mercury switches are awesome, although very hazardous to people who work(ed) with them and to the environment. Sad Sounds like you have some cool stuff there! I can't think of any project suggestions off the top of my head, but I look forward to you sharing the neat projects that you come up with.
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