i was thinking... hows about a giant lego exo-lego force mech. like the ones you see in the sets?

im not sure entirely how the vehicle to server and wheel placement works. since i just punch in the code and accept that it works... [i do this alot then wonder how it works later]

but also this will need manipulating of the wheel properties... instead of a spinning, it would need a forward then backward movement. like giant legs.

is this possible?
or would it be easier to make the legs animated and use invisible wheels?
I think it would be easier to code it in as a player with a run animation, and have no wheels at all.
ok. i was thinking this originaly but i wasnt sure if it was possible.
If somebody gets something like that working, I will totally start using FreeBuild. I'd *love* to have my mechanoid running around in a digital landscape Very Happy
Speaking of vehicles, I've been playing UT enough that I think I can tweak the Kart2 physics a bit better and finally finish my long-suffering tank.
Mech's are definitely better to implement as players rather than as vehicles. Kerm, the tank would be awesome, particularly with an independently tracking turret Very Happy
The thing is, I tried using a player for a horse vehicle, and I could never get it to mount. I'll have to try it again in Freebuild, but it would help if the core mount command could first be made to work on AIplayer objects with a given variable, like isMech = 1;
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