I dunno does this belong here but let's see.

I have done a mod for The Orange Block 2.0, which has been out for couple of months.

It's called TDM (Team Death Match) Fortress and the latest version out is v.0.5. It includes the latest Wiggy's mods Wiggy Patch (0.11 Beta), Zombie Bots 1.1 and Stud Ammo 1.01. It also adds some new weapons and changes old ones (TF2 Weapons and HL2 Weapons)
Also Non-killing switches by Guardian Angel.
It's main contest is really a bunch of DM build saves, which I will include a lot more in future versions.

If anyone of you at Cemetech are interested in trying this mod, or if you even are anymore interested in TOB related stuff, the mod is avaible at http://www.tinyurl.com/tdmfortress.
I'd love to see someone start working on a team deathmatch/fortress defense game mode for FreeBuild. Do you have any interest in working on a port?
Yes, interest is no problem, but I don't really have much skill in scripting, I just can edit weapon scripts a bit, add new sound profiles and exec stuff. I haven't really looked at FreeBuild scripts, but I'd sure like to learn more scripting and etc.

EDIT: I forgot to notice you, that this is kind of TF2 based. It has 9 different classes, which are either Offensive, Defensive or Support. Find more about Team Fortress 2 here: http://tf2wiki.net/wiki/Main_Page and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Team_Fortress_2
How do your classes work so far?
I really have no "class select system". I just have a spawn room builded with bricks that have teleports to each different class weapons. Each class should have some special ablity and different move speed and health.

Well, Engineer is really useless without the ability of building sentries and etc., Spy is too kind of useless without Invisibility Watch and Disguise Kit. Heavy is missing Fists and Medic needs a better Medigun and Syringe Gun. Heavy needs a better Minigun. Scout needs to be able to Double Jump. Demoman needs a Sticky Bomb Launcher.
Soldier needs a Shovel.

Scout and Pyro have all needed weapons.

Then, of course, there's all those unlockable weapons, but I guess they can wait, this hasn't to be exactly like real TF2. If you want to know more, I suggest viewing Weapons page and stuff in TF2wiki.
Oh, so something in the style of the old DM-Omaha, yes?
Yeah. I have also Rules, What's new and High Score board over there. Btw, the teams system should be made better. Wiggy is already scripting for me a GUI for better controlling teams TOB.
TDM Fortress v.0.5 is now avaible.

It includes 8 new maps, fixes some bugs and changes some weapons with classes.
GUI scripting is easier when you have a computer to script it on... I'll see how quickly I can finish it when my laptop gets fixed. Is it okay if it's host-only for now?
I was thinking about super-only but yeah, it's fine for now.
Sorry for Double Doublepost, but this is important.

Offical TDM Fortress Screenshot Gallery is now public for you lazy guys at: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=407347
Very nice. I notice that the $tuds (I assume that's some kind of brick-based cash system that gets deducted when you build?) never decreases, is that not implemented yet?
Ehh, it's not a brick-based cash system, I just like having all players 1000 studs as a default, since there's Stud Ammo system from Wiggy. You can also buy weapons which you may cost with those studs, which is default in TOB, no "mods" needed.

Also, note that I haven't builded all of those builds. Hello 1997, Blackjack, Elrune, SpaceNinja, Spartan -62 and Christian14 made a lot.
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