I am going to scratch the ajax chat for now, and this topic will most likely be dead for a while unless someone else posts scripts. The reason for this is that my new book on php has arrived. The book that I got focuses on advanced php topics including multidimensional arrays, advanced function definitions, developing web applications, advanced database concepts, security techniques, E-commerce techniques, basic oop, advanced oop, realworld oop, networking with php, creating rss feeds, and how to use certain PEAR packages. So far the book has been excellent and I have learned how to use a couple functions I have never heard of. The book in case any one is interested is PHP 5 Advanced by Larry Ullman. So as I said, once I work through this book, I will once again begin producing more scripts and will most likely start on a CMS.
My PHP AJAX chat >>>SAX>>>>>> anything you could come up with.
Not really, wouldn't they all be pretty much close to being the same thing.
lafferjm wrote:
Not really, wouldn't they all be pretty much close to being the same thing.

Uh, no. That's like saying a Ferrari Enzo and a Geo Metro are "close to being the same thing".

My insult was that, given the scripts you've posted here (which are either just plain bad, unhelpful, reinventing the wheel, or, worse, a massive security vulnerability), you can't code worth a damn yet feel the urge to share your n00b code with the rest of us in the guise of being "helpful".

Also, SAX sucks.
Everyone has to start off somewhere. And by posting them I have received tips on how to make them better which helps me.
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