rthprog wrote:
magicdanw wrote:
rthprog wrote:
TheStorm wrote:
Speaking of stupid school computer related things next year my school plans on banning USB thumb drives.

Dude our school is going to do the same thing but the bad part is that our school already also blocks the vast majority of online storage, saying that instead students should only save files to the school server =(
Floppy disks ftw! Smile I miss the days when they were still floppy...*sigh*

and sadly enough our original, decade old macs dont even have floppy drives... =D Hell, I think we might have some zip drives...

the online storage just connects us directly to their school servers which at peak time get anything but a fast connection, though if you catch it at the right time you can get some amazing speeds. but yeah all of the school's new computers don't even have floppy drives so if they ban USB drives from use we won't even have that.
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