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KermMartian wrote:
A bump after 12 hours? That's horrendously bad netiquette, good sir. Sad You figure out what you think would be the best, read the Ion license on its routines if you're unsure of the legality of taking and modifying its code.
Sorry, I just wasn't sure if it would be ignored since another post on another topic was posted after it.

I can't find anything on the Ion license, so I expect if I give the author credit, I can use a modified Ion routine. I'll try to contact him, just in case. But I'm asking you, because you specifically said that no code by anyone other than the contestant could be used in a program, or it would be invalidated. So, if I get permission to use/modify the ionPutSprite routine in my code, can I still submit it in the contest?
ionPutSprite is in wide enough use, and enough modifications to clipping and masking routines have been made, that I'd consider that valid.
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