School got canceled today, due to power outages...due to ice.

These are some pictures I took about a couple hours into it. It's still raining outside, and literally everything has ice on it. (Including massive sheets on our siding.)
That first picture etc is pretty cool, nice job.
I didn't really have to try. Everything was at least a half inch of Ice on it. Including my window. Razz
This happened to arkansas a few years ago, to bad it doesn't snow here anymore Sad
2 of our neighbors brand new trees fell over due to ice. (Sad thing was, it was the two they replaced a couple year back when they were destroyed in the thunderstorm.)
I remember my first ice storm. We did not have school for almost two weeks it was so bad. And it took almost three just to get power back to everybody.
yeah, we got hit by some ice the other night, but by the time I had to head off to class, it was all slush (then again, my first class wasn't till 11:30).
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