lol...Pshh see what a regional is all about...Yeah like Michigan's regional can be considered a "regional" I'm just kidding, There's no way we could ever talk our lead mentor out of the St. Louis regional (he's one of those tradition nuts, and wouldn't even consider it....)

hey...I remember you said you helped out with the 3d video...Do you have any 3d work you'd like to show??? I'm going to get some next week (thursday to be exact) and post them here...So if you have any it'd be nice to see.

I said I did the site, and btw, West Michigan is pound for pound, the toughest regional out there.
lol...Have you been to every regional? If you have then I'll believe you. If you havn't how can you assume that it is "pound for pound" the toughest regional?

Anyway...sorry I made that post on my psp...So I didn't have time to look around at what you said. Nice site though...our's needs a ton of work. (I hate when you click images and the screen resizes
yeah, that has to suck.

Btw, that is not my saying, the guys are FIRST say that (whichever one of them does the announcing there).
Well, it looks like we are starting a team at my school for FRC =P

We were planning on doing the VEX competition, but we are going to do FRC now. We plan on getting most of the stuff this year and participating in the contest next year. Unfortunately, there are no regionals in Tennessee (I think we may be the first team =O )

We will be looking for 25,000 dollars funding, which should be relatively easy (Fedex, Medtronic, and some paper corp are all based in Memphis).

How many people should we have? We are aiming for at least 15.
15 is decent for a small team, but you guys will be working hard on the bot and stuff. You should look at coming to the West Michigan Regional (though it is considered the toughest regional in FIRST).
Jeez, maybe I should have stayed around... Another 1227/904 member. You'd almost think Riv and I are inseparable...

Harq, if you want some advice on team organization and timelining, I've got some advice from Team 190, a very successful Massachusetts team with a tech college as their main sponsor.

Groene07, I wish I saw your bot at Nats. I was in charge of scouting. But that mainly meant I dealt with logistics and info sharing. Our team did mostly match scouting, so I didn't see very many teams outside our division. Ah well.
Any advice would be nice =P

How many builders should we have?
How many programmers?
How many for everything else?

We have 1 coach and 2 mentors, but we want one more (Both of the mentors are parents who are good engineers). We also want to try to get a mentor from the University of Memphis or Rhodes College =)
proegssilb. Yeah are downfall is always our alliance...well most of the time. (Sometimes when you leave someone else in charge of a doesn't get charged. >_<) Almost every year we are well above average...Will you be attending nationals this year? It'd be nice to see you team as well. Smile
It looks like we have 10,000 dollars from a bank (pledged). Our information meeting is this Tuesday and than we want filter some people out (We will probably have a robotics club, and than the actual team).

We also want to get our sponsors set up this year so we can be set for next year Wink
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