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I remember we had one of these topics so here is a render i created.

What did you use?
Ah, interesting, we need some more people around here who actually understand Blender. Too many people get thrown off by the funky interface. Razz
It actually isn't all that hard to understand. I read one tutorial that explained it and then after that i had it down pat.
I seem to have deleted a lot of my renders I did while learning. I still am learning, but I know a lot more Very Happy

The marbles were rendered with Indigo renderer (unbiased renderer). I ran them all through a noise filter.

These wine renders were for my Grandfather for his 85th birthday this summer he runs a winery : http://www.lavendercrest.com/lc_story.html guy on the left Very Happy

Done with Yafray

further along:

and final copy:

I might eventually do a render in indigo, but I deleted the fluid files, and I lost some of the other files, and my computer is running out of batteries because I left the charger in Memphis... I am doing my Certification Dives in Heber Springs Very Happy
Hey harq how long does it take for you to adjust the camera for the actual rendering step. I had to work with it for about ten minutes just to get the camera correct. Then i just gave up with a lamp and added a sun.
Depends on the renderer and the effect I want.

Give me an idea for me to do quickly ( <15 minutes), i'm slightly bored right now.

Oh, and I know for a fact you used a tutorial for that heart because I've read it =P
Never said i didn't Very Happy
I need an idea to model in Blender Wink
A bird.
I haven't used Blender, but I have used the XSI modeler (the free mod tool version of it) - it was pretty cool. I've also used 3ds max (version 6 I think), but that was a while ago and I don't remember it too well.

I'm not up to

CADKey 19 (which is solid modeling, not polygon modeling)
3DS Max
and Milkshape

messed around with POV a little bit too, but my computer sucks too much for serious usage.
I am really bored, I have rendered a really bad pear =P

I wanted to see the effect that SSS had on it. It was originally going to be an apple, but I liked the sculpting tools to much...

I used something along the lines of 4 textures, all done with the built in tools. 3 acted as normals and the other did the really wierd color that you see (yes, that is purple in the corner, I couldn't figure out how to specify a color, it is random)

EDIT: No comments on my wine and marble renders? Sad Razz
Sure, your wine bottle looks a little "unnatural" to me in that the "cone" part of it (where it goes from the thick base to the thin neck) as rather harsh transitions. Almost like corners - that is one area I would add in some extra polygons to sort of round it out Smile

Oh, and you do realize that your shadow is pointing TOWARDS to the sun, and not away from it, right?
I do agree with the neck, I should have curved it a little bit, but it is pretty close. And for the sun, it actually has a hazy sun, and a light. I was originally planning on doing this in Indigo, which would have had 1 light and automagically build a sky around it, but I used an HDR image I found around for the background Very Happy
I made a dart: http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs20/f/2007/262/a/f/WIP_Dart_by_Groene07.png

and I'm working on some rims for a toy car I'm modelin' ...but :/ not going so well:

any suggestions are welcome in this stage of modeling. Smile
That looks good. Could you post the model in a file?
it's 3ds max...How do I post a file? Confused
Groene07 wrote:
it's 3ds max...How do I post a file? Confused
Upload it to a file host somewhere, then post the link here....
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