This shows moving system is up and running Smile
Looks nice. Are you going to add something that lets you remember which pokemon you have selected?
Probably not. If a person cannot remember something like that for the 10 seconds that it takes, then they need to spend more time eating fish, good for the brain. Wink

Anyways, Weregoose made it so it just clears out the boxes instead of the whole screen. I was gonna post screenies last night, but forgot. :/
That is truly one of the most awesome things I have ever seen done in BASIC (not only the menu system, but Pokemon Purple as a whole). Of course, this coming from a low-level programmer to one of the l33t cemetech ones. Laughing

Good Idea ^1e99
lol, I am actually a 1337 TIFreakware programmer, I just hang out here. Wink

And thank you muchlies ^_^
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