That's what I figured... it runs fairly quickly, considering your methods.
Especially on my 84+ SE! Razz
I knew store and recall pic were fast, but not THAT fast o.O
Well, it's only used mainly for static graphics. Most of the moving objects are single ASCII characters.
Still. Wink
Anything new on this project? Rolling Eyes
More progress! It doesn't include the second boss, but it does include something that you guys will like.

A plethora of nuances to the game have also been added, many actually reducing the size and increasing the quality.

At virtually no speed loss, I have done away with the directional indicator, and replaced it with a much worthier indicator. Samus is now dynamic!!! :p

See for yourself: Smile

And to quell the requests for the latest version...(*glares at Sting::Ray*)
This just keeps geting better and better Harrier good job!
This version is so GREAT! Very Happy

Good job!

I also liked your use of the word "plethora". I never hear people us that nice word anymore... Smile
Heheheh, yay long outdated words.

Thanks everyone! Very Happy
You deserve it, it's an incredibly well made game. Smile
Any updates? It's been over a week... Confused

Just wondering, not asking for a download or anything... Smile
I'm trying to do one of three things:
  1. Finish it before I release another update
  2. Finish it before June 30th
  3. Finish it before I hit 2000 posts at UTI.
Currently I'm trying to do the second the most.
I need to start a big project of some sort, I'm being outdone by everyone Razz

It looks good, I might try it out eventually, but I have fallen away from calc programming again (every summer =P )
Harq wrote:
I need to start a big project of some sort, I'm being outdone by everyone Razz

Not me, unless you count MathFunctions. Laughing
Yayz progress! Very Happy

I have almost finished the third boss. First, I need to make it so he hurts you when you touch him. Second, I need to fix a few lightbeam bugs that are really annoying. Thirdly, I need to freaking have enough time to be able to test it properly! (*glares at parents*)

But fear not, I will have this finished by the end of this week. If I am lucky, I'll get enough time to add something I really want to add, but I won't tell you. I'll tell you if it's in there, but you have to find out yourself Razz.
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