The point is that phpbb messed up. Shall I delete this page and make a screencast of this to prove it to you and submit a bug to phpbb or should we continue posting nonsense until we reach the end of this page?

WTF!?!?! It's doing it again, and were not even on the next page!
Just leave it dude, and chill Rolling Eyes

If it happens again, just go to page n-1 and see what was new - jeez.... Razz

EDIT: Note, this post is on a new page, yet there was no ERRANT PAGE SCENARIO! I told you, it was just because a post was deleted, not because there is a post miscount

EDIT2: At least, I never got an errant page - either chip did or he didn't notice that I already posted...
Still, phpbb should handle this better, agreed?

Check my screencast, I might send it to phpbb.

Kerm, can you just edit the database for this thread and set it to postcount = postcount - 1? This seems to be an isolated event, I don't see this happening on other threads/forums
Honestly, I'm not bothered by it, I just thought I had discovered a bug in a very popular piece of (software?). Are you saying that fault here lies with cemetech and not phpbb?
either way. Also, start a topic, there will be 0 replies, but there is 1 post. This is showing the same number of replies as posts.
Very strange how this may have happened. Any ideas on the circumstances that may have led to it?
Our excessive use of the admin, that came after this was discovered. Hmph.
Ive actually seen that behavior recently as well in the 1000 signs of calculator addiction topic...


and phpBB does have a way to resync all post counts, but it will likely remove the inflated postcounts from the old forum....there may be a local option as well for just individual forums....
So is this worthy of some sort of bug report for phpbb? Should I bother or are they already aware?
Maybe we could go back on topic...?
Harq wrote:
Maybe we could go back on topic...?
I second the motion. Chipmaster, what progress on the ol' tutorials?
I've been very busy with this new computer at the current time. I'm going to Jersey tomorrow, and I'll have plenty of time in the car to work on it, but I'll have to convince my dad to let me bring his laptop. I'm really trying to find time for it guys; really, but I'm no Kerm Martian. Smile
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