I started to write the SDK. Gimme some CSS hints if you're unhappy, but I like it as it is so far. Note that only the TOC exists so far.

wait, is this also supposed to be a ASM tutorial?
This would appear to be the SDK for DCS6, so kind of an ASM tut, but not.
yeah, I looked at it a little more and saw that it was that way, oh well.
'Tis indeed an SDK. It would be insanely cool to expand it to an entire-ASM-plus-DCS-programming tutorial though...
Course, it would be nice if it actually containted information instead of links to 404 errors Razz
Of course. I'm just proud I was able to make a decent page in strict HTML without a single <font> or <table> item.

I said decent, not validated. And that's only two errors! That's pretty good for me. How would I fix that border=0 thing?
Edit: Happy now? Both the strict HTML and the CSS stylesheet pass.
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