Trying to reply to this topic using the Quote button in the lower right results in a "Error in posting" error.
Workaround: edit the "Subject" of your post (above the text) to make it no more than 60 characters long before posting. Quoting that post specifically makes the subject line 62 characters long (prepending "Re: " to the original topic title).

Explanation: phpbb expects your database to be configured to silently lose data for you. We don't configure it that way. (Historical behavior for MySQL was to silently truncate data when stored in columns which aren't long enough to hold the provided data. That's a stupid "feature.") I'll look into reasonable ways to handle this better.
You will now receive a useful error if you attempt to post with a subject longer than is permitted. It turns out that this was seemingly meant to be enforced client-side, and when the server populates the subject line for you (like when quoting a post) then it doesn't matter if the field is longer than its requested maximum length because you don't need to edit it yourself. Server-side validation has been added.

Issue fixed.. with prejudice.
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