Full disclosure; I'm a noob, and I am not experienced in anything related to programming on calculators or C and didn't even know what ASM programs were until recently, so a lot of of what I'm asking for might be obvious.

All I'm trying to do is change the icons that appear in Cesium for Pac-Man and add an icon to Tetric A because the lack of an icon bothers me a bit and I'm a tad nitpicky. I tried making icons using the DCS9 icon creator, which worked for programs I could edit, but I wasn't able to unlock the 2 games in either Cesium, Ti Connect (+CE), Sourcecoder 3, or TokenIDE, and a lot of these ended up giving me error messages telling me the .8xp files had "invalid tokens" (I don't know what that entails.). I've spent a couple hours dabbling with editors and searching forums for answers and looked at a couple of guides, all without luck, so any help with this would be appreciated.

System info:
Calculator: TI-84 Plus CE-T (Python edition)
Cesium version: 3.4.1
So the difference is that these programs are written in assembly (and then assembled), which a TI-BASIC editor like TokenIDE/SourceCoder/TI Connect cannot edit. To make your job more complicated if you want to add an icon to a program that doesn't have one, once an assembly program is assembled, it's difficult to insert bytes into the program without modifying the program, because some of those bytes are fixed addresses that refer to specific locations in the program. Other than very painstaking disassembly, you would need access to the source code to add an icon and then reassemble the program - or ask the authors to do so. I would be happy to add an icon to my Tetric A (can you share the icon you created for my reference, please?). Pac-man is open source, so if you have the patience to figure out how to install and use the tools included plus the ones mentioned in src/tools/NEED_TOOLS.txt to assemble it, you can just modify the icon in the source code.
That'd be great! Can I ask you where/how I'm supposed to send you the image though? (I'm unfamiliar with this site so I don't know if I'm able to send images through posts or not, or if I should do it through e-mail instead.)
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