I appreciated Mateo's 2023 goal topic last year and thought it would be a nice thing to make a new one (given that 2023 is now over or almost over for all of us). I've purposefully put "the New Year" in the topic title so that it's less year-specific and can be reused in the future. Without further ado, here are my goals for 2024:

1. Release at least 3 programming projects.
2. Upload some more YouTube videos since that's fun (Maybe try to get monetized?).
3. Continue to work on and practice violin more.
4. Work some on my physical health and try to at least stay in shape.
5. Work through and stop doing things that I do that make me stressed out.

Good luck to everyone else this year and feel free to share your goals here as well! Smile
I am just spitting out ideas that have been in my brain. I may or may not do these, but I should try

Small/medium goals:
1. Finish my crappy brain*** imterpreter that I didn't bother debugging to get it to run
2.Finally make tac, true, and false
3. Make an assembly hexcode squisher, but for Linux

Large goals:
1. Make my own subset of Lisp because there are just too many functions to wrap my brain around ALL of them.
2. Maybe try Linux From Scratch
3. Get to 150 lbs
Well, Happy New Year! Not quite yet for me though.
1. Continue to mod TowerFall.
2. Learn eZ80/Z80 assembly even if it kills me.
3. Continue working on games for Cemetech.
4. Continue working on my NES emulator after I learn assembly.
5. Compete in more game jams!
Good luck to everyone this year! See you in the new year!
Great idea, TIny_Hacker!

1. Release a project for the CE. (in progress, as always)
2. Don't flunk out of college or lose my scholarships. (haven't, finished a summer class a few days ago)
3. 225 bench.
4. Another sub-5 mile. (ran a 5:10ish in early January, haven't tried again since)
5. Talk to a girl that's not related to me. (done enough)
6. Minimize non-essential electronics use. (been doing better)
7. Read some books. (working on a few)

Happy New Year to everyone! I'll update this at some point as I deem necessary.
Hello, last year was decent but this year might or could be better, hear some of my goals.
1. Continue practicing my guitar.
2. Be more productive with my school stuff.
3. Do more exercise.
4. Fix my computer I left in my garage that I said I would fix 5 years ago but never got the chance.
5. Learn new Spanish words.
6. Try to get a part-time job.
7. Learn and read books about car mechanics.

That's all the goals I have in mind but there could be more on the way, hope you have a great day.
Giving myself 10, so i can rate my year out of 10 at the end.
1. Finish one software project im happy enough with to post here
2. Practice animation
3. Stay in School (college)
4. Attempt to spend time with someone in person at least once a week.
5. Actually complete a game jam! Like, finish the game
6. Keep biweekly video logs.
7. Youtube videos (not related to the above personal logs)
8. Finish an animation or comic equivalent to a comic book or cartoon episode in length
9. Beat Pikmin 4 or ToTK
10. Suzan (cant be having a perfect year can I folks)

That's my 10 goals by Dec 31 2024, in no particular order.
Have an awesome year everyone!
My resolution is to get a prototype. Very Happy Edit: also I'm hoping to climb a 5.12 I've gotten close.
I would love to get back in to the calculator programming scene and reconnect with a lot of my friends on here! I'm also hoping to finally get my electrical license in the next month or so! FINALLLY
I'm sure I have more, but my only resolutions right now are to keep up the workout that I've been doing and to finally get over a girl that I've liked for three years. Oh, and I want to work a lot more on the book I'm writing and finally get around to the several celtic ce projects that are floating around my head.
My 2024 goals are mostly the same as last year, and fairly similar to TinyHackers:

1. I'd like to finish some of my programming projects, including updates to previously released programs.
2. Continue to grow my YouTube channel, and get monetized. EDIT: Fully monetized, and earning Smile
3. Work out more consistently, and overall have a more healthy daily schedule/routine.
4. Socialize/network/go out more.
5. Increase my income.
6. Reduce stress and plan more relaxation days.
7. Travel to at least one or two unique locations out-of-state that I've never been to before.
epsilon5 wrote:
Great idea, TIny_Hacker!

1. Release a project for the CE.
2. Don't flunk out of college or lose my scholarships.
3. 225 bench.
4. Another sub-5 mile.
5. Talk to a girl that's not related to me.
6. Minimize non-essential electronics use.
7. Read some books.

Happy New Year to everyone! I'll update this at some point as I deem necessary.

That is genuinely a pretty sic plan, man!
My 2024 goals:
1. Bench 250
2. Squat 350
3. Finish SmartNotes CE
4. Learn Java and make a project in Java
5. 45 minutes of prayer daily
6. Read lots of books
7. No pointless internet scrolling
8. No video games
9. Get good at Swing Dancing
Those are great too! I'll add all of those to my list. You've found a fellow swing dancer: Country or West Coast?
I'm pretty sure it's West Coast, but not sure. I'm still at the extreme beginner stage. My college has a fun swing club so I'm going to join in the Spring.
Find a drummer, start a band, record an album.
My main goals for now
-Revive a few more dead calculator projects from my past
-Socialize more in real life and to a certain extent online too. Preferably away from bars and pubs since it's so expensive now. Concerts are fine if I come in well hydrated, though.
-Since being asocial also impacted the following considerably (I've been mostly silent about my latest album in December for example): Try to promote my music stuff more consistently on social media. I need to make sure to not overstimulate myself socially and avoid doing music promotion at the expense of socializing with people directly.
-Release either: A) A hardcore rave version of my most recent album. or B) An EP made of remixes of my debut album from 2007. Or C) Both combined together.
-Buy a Zero ZGC4 calculator.
I just copied and pasted!

28 Dec 2023 07:27:17 pm
I completed all my resolutions:

- Get 90% or higher on exams
- Create a startup at school (I also got help from my friends)
- Learn a new instrument (I play flute and piano, and I started the bagpipes and kazoo-if that qualifies as an instrument-this year)
- Make 20% or more return on stocks

Goals for 2024

- Learn and/or master 2 or more programming languages.
- Make more money from my startup.
- Beat this year's stock return of 35% (That's gonna be insanely hard)
- Pick up a new hobby
- All exams 95% or higher
Edit: - Read 7,000 books since I just broke 70,000 this year

I might add more resolutions because even though 2023 flew by, it was kind of boring.

Favorite programs that I found out about this year:
- Fire and Flames by VitalAsh
- Cesium by Mateoconlechuga
- CEleste by commandblockguy
- ICE Compiler by PT_
- CEaShell (even though it was very buggy, it was an amazing shell. Can't wait for CEaShell 2) by TIny_Hacker and RoccoLox Programs
- TI-Boy CE by Calc84maniac
- S. A. M. M. Status: Online; Location: Unknown by Captain Calc
- ADVENTUR by Hactar


Even though this year wasn't too exciting, it was pretty fun nonetheless. Or maybe it's just that another year passed since COVID-19 was at its peak!

Your friend,
1.) Get a job.
2.) Learn TI-BASIC (Super noob here)
3.) Get in shape
4.) Get some money, honey.
5.) Let's talk to some girls, a.
1)Get my Life in Order
2)Keep my life in order
3)Don't Die (or smash my bones)
* Learn to be kinder and nicer to everyone
* Finish my private pilots license (Passed the checkride on 6/20/2024)
* Buy a house (Found a house and closed end of March)
* Lead climb a 5.12 (Can top rope a 5.11+)
* Run Robbie Creek (13.1 miles and 2400 feet later we done good!)
* Keep dating and see how that goes
* Figure out what I want out of life (Quality friends and relationships to go on adventures with)
* Volunteer more at the foodbank and other places
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