I have a TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator, yesterday I tried to update my OS version from 2.21 to 2.40.
When the OS was being updated, suddenly it said error, and the USB device is not recognized anymore and cannot be used.
I have tried replugging it in several times, and it doesn't work. Now my calculator is stuck in this state with the message:


Please install operating system now.

So I cannot RAM clear or clear everything. This is really urgent and I really need your guys help.
Yeah, that really sucks. It's an easy fix, though, I think. Just find someone else with an 84+ and get a unit to unit cable. Plug the two calcs together and have someone send you their OS.
TI-Connect has an OS Restore program that you should try.
If you're using a friend, do this:

1. Connect the two with the I/O cable.
2. On the working calc, go to [2nd][LINK]Send OS
3. Press [ENTER]
4. It may take a while, up to an hour, for the transfer to complete.
depends if you have USB link or normal I/O

either way, get some fresh batteries first.
Very good idea, if its going to take around an hour for the transfer then your going to need some freash full batteries
You have tried pulling out the batteries, right?
If it's waiting, the OS is already corrupted. It wouldn't just be an issue of a frozen calc.
But he would have to pull his batteries first, because it is frozen, even if the OS is corrupted too.
But if it says Waiting... it's not actually frozen, it just doesn't have a valid OS image.
true, and it doesn't take an hour over the usb link when connected to another calc (have had to do this). That is probably the best way to get it done
I wasn't sure that sending the OS was possible over the I/O link. Fair enough.
KermMartian wrote:
I wasn't sure that sending the OS was possible over the I/O link. Fair enough.
I've had to do this. It only took like 15 minutes over the I/O. Smile
Oh, cool. That's good to know; I had wondered about that.
Really, thanks for all your help i fixed it, i replaced the batteried, and I am back with 2.21.
Great! Glad that it got fixed. Feel free to stick around the forums if you'd like.
plesae do stay around, it is a great community here
I am staying here, its an awesome place. 15 replies in 1 day, great

Now I am going to update to OS 2.4 again
Good luck!
Glad to hear it, Invictius! Do you program calculators/computers, or do you just use them?
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