Found a small TS connected to a wall transformer, what device would this charge? Why isn't USB this either? I do not know of any image hosting website that is 100% free and doesn't want my phone number so I will just describe it.

The wall wart is a non-polarized NEMA 120V AC 60Hz .15A plug and converts the electricity to 6V DC 300mA. The Jack is a sub-mini with the tip being positive and the sleeve being negative/neutral. The manufacturer being LEMAX, which makes Christmas villages?
Have you heard of imgur?

Also who knows or cares - why do you care.
Have you heard of imgur

Requires a phone number
Also who knows or cares - why do you care.

This is a topic that I find fascinating, seeing all of these different types of connectors. I want to know about all of their properties. For a strange reason standardization is cool subject to me
You don't even need to register on imgur to upload an image.

Don't have to imagine stabbing somebody in IRC to say that the image was to blurry
Thanks for telling me that
I don't understand your question.

Are you asking why they chose the connector? The most likely answer is it is cheap, ensures users don't plug it into the wrong thing, and is good enough for low power delivery. It's clearly not used for charging - it's used just like you said, for light-up Christmas displays.

As for why it's not USB - because the basic USB cables only support 5 volts.
I doubt it is a charger for anything, given the manufacturer, the connector, & the voltage. It is probably for powering Christmas lights (quite possibly for a Christmas village), & 6 V makes me suspect there are something like pairs of blue LEDs in series? (The voltage needed for an LED of a given wavelength is set by quantum physics, unlike incandescent light bulbs.) Or else some additional source of voltage drop (total wire length?). So the answer to "why not USB" is probably some combination of "What do you mean, USB Christmas lights?" (even though those surely exist elsewhere) & "We needed 6 V rather than 5 V."
Sorry for the miscommunication thing for USB, I was wondering why USB did not adopt this standard as the thing they use if they add enough rings, this would solve the whole "putting in a USB the wrong way dilemma".
Some reasons for not using TRRS connectors for USB:
  • Those TRS-style connectors are infamous for coming unsoldered.
  • Signal integrity issues due to slightly different contact lengths.
  • Inserting the plug would short out pins in a random manner, and that's just not great.
  • Exposed contacts present ESD (electrostatic discharge) problems, unless you're Apple, in which case you don't care.
  • People would invariably insert the connector into other types of equipment and fry things.
  • Hard to maintain good signal integrity when the plug rotates in the jack, which you'll end up having to support because it can rotate so people assume that's supported.
  • I'm going to mention that random-shorting thing again because it's real big problem.
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