So I'm moving over to SourceCoder for z80 assembly learning, and I am completely lost on the syntax to use.
This program:


; Program Name:
; Author(s):
; Description:

#include ""

   .org userMem-2
   .db $BB,$6D
   ; Program code goes here
   ld a,0
   ld (curRow),a
   ld (curCol),a
   ld hl,msg
   bcall (PutS)
   .db   "Hello, World!",0

locks up the emulator completely.
What am I missing?
I tried b_call, _PutS, things taken directly from the file, still the same thing.

I fixed it, just absolutely lost on why or how its such a small error.

By googling, I found sourcecoders' z80 asm update page announcement from 8 years ago

After studying it, it looks like there is no space between bcall and the (). This worked!
Huh, that seems like a bad bug in Spasm that it silently ignores the macro parameter in that case.

For reference, this is the listing emitted when there's a space:
1 00:0000 - - - -
5 00:0000 - - - -
6 00:0000 - - - - .org userMem-2
7 00:9D93 BB 6D - - .db $BB,$6D
8 00:9D95 - - - - ; Program code goes here
9 00:9D95 3E 00 - - ld a,0
10 00:9D97 32 4B 84 - ld (curRow),a
11 00:9D9A 32 4C 84 - ld (curCol),a
12 00:9D9D 21 A2 9D - ld hl,msg
13 00:9DA0 EF - - - bcall (_PutS)
14 00:9DA1 C9 - - - ret
15 00:9DA2 - - - - msg:
16 00:9DA2 48 65 6C 6C
6F 2C 20 57
6F 72 6C 64
We can see that the bcall address on line 13 is omitted completely, where that should be:
13 00:9DA0 EF 0A 45 - bcall(_PutS)

I've opened an issue with Spasm about this:
Thanks a bunch! That's absolutely wild. I plan on using jstified for asm moving forward, so if I come across any other problems, I'll let you know!
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