What was the best completed project of March 2023?
 11%  [ 2 ]
TI-BASIC VS Code Extension
 22%  [ 4 ]
 66%  [ 12 ]
Total Votes : 18

It’s time for another PotM! As you may remember, we’re parallelizing 2022 and 2023 Projects of the Month posts as we continue to catch up: today’s post features the projects posted by our users in March 2023. As usual, we ask that you vote for your favorite project that was completed this month. It’s always great to check out what everyone’s been up to, so if you see a project you don’t remember noticing before, be sure to click the link to the post, learn more about it, and add any questions or comments you may have!

  • Alien Breed 5 Episode III: Impact: JamesV has updated his game to include 15 new achievements, balance changes related to combat, and some atmospheric changes as well. Alien Breed is extremely impressive and detailed for a calculator game, so be sure to try out the latest version.

  • Banchor: Legend of the Hellspawn (TI-84+CE): Not stopping at just one project, JamesV has also updated Banchor to fix a few minor bugs.
  • C648x: A Commodore 64 Emulator for the TI-84 CE: ordelore has made progress on his Commodore 64 emulator, which can now print text and take user input! Here’s a screenshot he shared of the emulator running a Hello World program:

  • Clash of Clans for the CE: In the context of a challenge from a friend, Therad2 has been working on a Clash of Clans game. This month’s update included fixes, troop movement, visual improvement, and a lot more! You can give the game’s current form a try by downloading it from the project’s GitHub, linked in the post.

  • GFX3 : A sprite stacking library [C]: Alvajoy123 has released the first version of his sprite stacking library, useful for creating objects that look 3D by stacking multiple different sprites on top of each other at an offset! Here’s a screenshot of the library in action:

  • HD Picture Viewer [C] [TI-84 Plus CE]: TheLastMillennial has fixed a bug with his HD Picture Viewer which could cause a crash if the user zoomed too far into the image.
  • TI-84 Plus CE Net - a complete remake of gCn: TKB_Studios has started work on a project aiming to bring a way for TI-84 Plus CE users to access various internet functionalities on their calculator! The project has ambitious goals, with plans for program sharing and a real time chat in the works as well. Be sure to give the author your support as the project comes together!

  • TI-BASIC VS Code Extension: TIny_Hacker has created a VS Code extension which provides syntax highlighting for the TI-BASIC language. It also includes code snippets for certain TI-BASIC routines contributed by Hamburger317.

  • TInyAuth - A keyfile-based auth service for the TI-84+ CE: ACagliano has continued working on TInyAuth, this month messing around with generating and maintaining secure keyfiles. The keyfiles for TInyAuth are encoded using DER, and you can learn more about it at the project’s website as well.
  • Topicle: A clue-based Wordle game: kg583 has created a very popular game among Cemetechians, which is similar to Wordle or Quordle but with a few different twists! As someone who enjoyed it a lot myself, I highly recommend giving it a try, and you can share your scores with other players in the topic as well!

  • xFiles CE development: AchakTheFurry has released the final update of his TI-84 Plus CE shell xFiles, written in TI-BASIC. This update includes typo and bug fixes, group file extraction, and a green theme in honor of Saint Patrick’s day.

That wraps up the projects worked on in March 2023! Be sure to vote for your favorite completed project in the poll, and we’ll see you soon.
Another great Projects of the Month, and only three months before today (barely)! There are a few here that I particularly like, and as usual, there are a few that I missed when they were first posted.
What happened to February 2023? Still being worked on?
Hot_Dog wrote:
What happened to February 2023? Still being worked on?

It's coming, and yes it's being worked on. I don't have any problem with them being published out of order, personally--I think it's more important that they all do get published at some point. The authors all have varying amounts of availability to work on these articles, so they can't all necessarily be finished in predictable timeframes.
Yep, February 2023 is nearly ready, so we decided to just get this out, and then slightly retcon the release time on February 2023 so the articles appear in order. Smile
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