I'll keep it short and (hopefully) realistic..

- Learn quickly how to be a decent Dad (my partner and I are expecting start of August!)
- Continue living a balanced life (work, home, fitness, hobbies), which will become exponentially harder with parenthood no doubt, but I'll do my best Razz
- Make progress on a calculator project or two, whether it's Banchor II or one of many other projects I've been toying with
learn ice and c#.

Thats all.
ValkTheBoxman wrote:
learn ice and c#.

Thats all.

Hell yea! You should look at unity for a C# based game engine with a very good community.

- struggle through my junior year of high school with A-s or higher (don’t get burned out)
- register a domain name for my website and get a ssl certificate for it
- continue to work out at home and maybe go to a gym
- make varsity in tennis (tryouts are starting in 2 days Surprised)
- finish at least one project
- be more socially outgoing
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