Hello. So there has been big talk around the internet about this certain artificial intelligence called Chat GPT. I decided to give it a try and it is by far one of the most advanced AI's I've seen!

Anyways, I asked if it could possibly create a simple TI-84 Plus CE program that could find the mean median mode and range of a given set of numbers. Surprisingly, it provided me with an AI created program that it created itself. Now of course, not all AI is perfect, and you may have to make adjustments to the program for it to function properly, but this is a huge step in the evolution of Calculator Programming! The screenshot is on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TI_Calculators/comments/116l4uc/artificial_intelligence_can_create_calculator/
How many different places are you going to post this? Very Happy Yes, ChatGPT can parrot code sections it finds online and put them together. When I first got access to ChatGPT one of my first tests was to ask it to write a quadratic solver in TI-BASIC (it did a good job), and later I tried to get it to pretend to be a TI-83 Plus homescreen: https://twitter.com/kermmartian/status/1599846780488785920
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