I was looking at some userstyle themes for websites, and (not expecting anything) looked up cemetech. I found https://userstyles.org/styles/146093/cemetech-line-remover. This removes some lines from the cemetech website, and (in my opinion) makes it look a bit nicer.
Yes, that was made by comic...
There are a few userstyles floating around like iPhoenix's which modernizes and cleans up the aesthetics of whole site. It also fixes a few minor front-end bugs.
I guess I should also link my own userstyle, which is a fork of iPhoenix's. (Although a lot of the things I changed were eventually changed upstream as well)
Yup, that was me! Kerm has mentioned that the lines were there to break up aspects of the site. I can try and find that comment but I certainly don't agree, as you can see by the user style. The side sections no longer have those gaps in our visual template but the header and forum body still do.
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