I realized I cannot do lowercase letters. I never really used my calculator for anything except calc/stats. However, I have just started to learn about programs. I stupidly upgraded my OS and was wondering if it was possible to downgrade considering I had this calculator since 2016 and never upgraded. I have the L-0316C.

Boot Code:
Base Code:

Thank you
Just use this.


This will allow you to run assembly programs and games, including the program that enables lowercase letters.
I have a tutorial here for jailbreaking and (potentially) downgrading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abB0ZEdQ1rs
However, downgrading is unlikely to work for you. You can try this old version of cermastr: [link redacted] but be sure to follow the tutorial closely. Cermastr is an incredibly powerful tool and can permanently brick your calculator if you toy with it.
I tried this on my Rev M calculator running os I had to use CerMastr 2.0.
The calculator froze, so I hit the reset button after a while. Then, it ran OS verification, then inverted the screen, then ran OS verification again. The worst that happened to me was my RAM being wiped clean. I went back to CerMastr, and it showed that the 00 00 05 was rewritten back to 00 08 05.
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