Calcuon wrote:
Any progress since two months ago?

I planned on releasing a beta in October, as I stated somewhere in this thread. However, I have been pretty busy recently and therefore haven't added a lot to it since my last progress update. The game is to the point where I could release a beta, but I want it to be more polished before I do so because I don't want people to give up on/ignore the project if it doesn't give an accurate representation of the final product.
c4ooo wrote:
How about real time Total-War battles?

Right now, you don't interact with battles and have to have all the supplies bought/army fervor managed before the battle starts. However, I have thought about adding interruptions that would give you strategic options to choose from at different points in the battle. Does anyone have any suggestions for this? Past this implementation of battle interaction, I will probably leave it as mostly a hands-off fight for simplicity's sake.

Expect more updates in the next 1-2 months.
Excellent news dankcalculatorbro, you have done a very good developpement with a very good game player mind. That's why every body is looking for your game progress.
Any progress since your last update?
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