After over five years each as constructive Cemetech users, moderators, and news editors, John "commandblockguy" Cesarz and Ryan "iPhoenix" Pitasky have both been promoted to Administrators of Cemetech. Although many of our current administrators make some time for Cemetech, notably including Peter "Tari" Marheine's tireless behind-the-scenes effort to not only maintain but actively improve Cemetech's backend, many have a lot less time these days. With commandblockguy's and iPhoenix's promotions, long-time administrators Thomas "elfprince13" Dickerson, Daniel "tifreak8x" Thorneycroft, and Peter "PT_" Tillema have been moved to Administrator Emeritus. We welcome any future time they're able to give to Cemetech, and I'm sure they'll still be around when they're able, but in the meantime, please join me in thanking them for their considerable contributions to the community.

We're pleased to welcome commandblockguy and iPhoenix to the team for their leadership not just in technical projects, but in what really matters to a community like Cemetech: the ability to apply fairness, good judgment, and poise in managing a set of talented folks from many different backgrounds, countries, and ages and maturity levels. Each has gone above and beyond as a Discord moderator and as a news editor, including contributing to our ongoing efforts to catch our Projects of the Month up to the present day. We look forward to their tenures as Administrators, and please help them by making their work as easy as possible!
Congratulations to both!
Congrats to commandblockguy and iPhoenix, they've both consistently been positive influences on the community and it's great to see that noticed through this much deserved promotion. I can't really speak from personal experience about elfprince or tifreak8x, but PT_ has been a great admin while I've been here. Thanks to all 3 of them for all the work they've done and time they've spent over the years making Cemetech a great place.
Well deserved congratulations! I'm looking forward to their contributions!
Congratulations to both! I know that I've enjoyed seeing both of you step up to take positions of increasing leadership within the community, and you both are more than qualified for this new promotion. Keep up the great work and I look forward to see what you do next!
!q 371
Congratulations to both, definitely well deserved!
Wow, I definitely thought they were already admins haha. Congratulations, both of you. Definitely deserved for making Cemetech a better place.
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