I'm used to programming on a TI-84 plus ce, but can't use it anymore for eyesight reasons. I recently got a rom (legally) to use on my s7 tablet with the Graph 89 emulator. It's very similar to the 84 but the programming language has very different syntax, and the guide book I downloaded is not very useful, with 1008 pages and no index in front. Google search has been no help. If anyone knows of a website that can help specifically with programming on the voyage I would be most grateful if you could share it here. The problem I have now is how to store calculation results to elements of a data variable in a program. I can access values of data elements and store them to expressions, but it doesn't work the other way around. Hope someone can help. Thank you.
The TI-89 tutorials on TI-Freakware are one place to start; as you say, the programming language has significant differences from TI-83+/84+ TI-BASIC. You're also welcome to ask questions that you have here.

[Thank you for your quick response. I now think that what I wanted to do is just not possible, so I will just use matrices instead of data as I already know how to use them ln a program. Since I first posted I wrote a short program to copy the data to a matrix and will use data variables just for storage since you can include titles in the header. I will check out the website, though. Thanks again. Merry Christmas.
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