Happy birthday!
Happy birthday dude, hope the lettuce is as green as ever!
happy birthday
Happy birthday thanks for everything.
Happy birthday!
Actually, wait, that's bad practice...
There we go! Hope you have a great day!
Seriously, you do so much for this community. Its actually pretty crazy how knowledgeable you are on everything from C to obscure parts of high-performance development. (would say retro, but that's literally what it is)
Hope to actually get good at programming, and I have used a lot of your help to get where I am now.
Do what makes you happy today! Maybe eat some leaves or something idk (100% original joke do not steal)
Thanks all! Smile
Happy birthday Mateo! Smile
happy b-day
Flappy birday! Smile
Happy Birthday Matt
Happy berf day.
Happy birthday Mateo!

I had a salad today. My salads consist more of spinach than lettuce... I'm sorry.
Happy birthday Mateo!

Thanks for all you do for the community, and being the person who is probably most responsible for my development as a programmer.

I hope you celebrate with many crisp heads of lettuce and other leafy vegetables!
Happy birthday, lettuce man!
Oh hey, is it that time yet again? Happy belated birthday!
Happy birthday, Mateo!

allynfolksjr wrote:
Hey everyone by the way you can't just post "Happy birthday." Here at cemetech it's regularly bashed into my head that "quality over quantity" is the overriding philosophy. Please expand on your birthday wishes. Thanks.
I hope it's another pleasant and celebratory day, and as always, I wish for your gifts to be calculator-themed.
Bon anniversaire 👀
Happy birthday Mateo!
Happy birthday Mateo
Happy birthday!
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