The primary language of choice for game design on the TI-CE calculator series is, of course, C. Due to its ideal mixture of flexibility, capability, and ease of use, it easily outshines alternative languages such as (e)z80 Assembly or TI-BASIC. Jumping into it not knowing what to expect several years ago, I only wish I had done my research more diligently. I found myself brutally learning every concept one by one, rarely knowing how it fit into the bigger scheme of the language. I start this forum in hopes of providing useful tips and resources to better congeal blind spots between commonly learned concepts, avoiding the many pitfalls I (and others) faced.

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a beginner's guide to programming, but to the CE C Toolchain, especially in regards to Game Design. I do not claim to be an expert on the language or how to teach it, but I do want to share resources in hopes that someone finds the information as useful as I did. (:

I've found quite a few resources over the years I wish I had known about sooner. Here's a quick starter list while the YouTube algorithm recycles old videos into my feed.

Official CE Toolchain Wiki/Docu/Guide (The Holy Grail):

Helpful Concepts and Terminology regarding 8-bit programming:

How Oldschool ROM Cartridge Games Worked:
Familiarity with System Memory and General Layout of Game Design Code

Feel free to add resources of your own!
Don't use globals.
The TI-84 Plus CE is not 16-bit.
commandblockguy wrote:
The TI-84 Plus CE is not 16-bit.

yeah, I just realized that. Thank you for correcting me. It has 16-bit color, not a 16-bit processor Sad
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