Is it possible to port commodore basic to C? I think this game would be really cool on the ti 84 plus ce.
Here is a link to it I don't know if this is possible. Very Happy
Well, what can Commodore basic do that TI-BASIC can't? Would resources not be better spent on the creation of an actual Commodore 64 emulator for the TI-84+ CE?
Good idea.👍🏻 This may sound dumb but could you port a Java emu to c or maybe base it off a preexisting commodore emulator for c.
As a avid commodore computer user and 8 bit guy watcher, porting Petscii Robots to the CE would be a hefty undertaking as you would have to write it from scratch. Petscii robots was written in assembly for the MOS 6502, the CE uses the Zilog eZ80 processor. As one could imagine, the two systems cannot exchange code directly from one another.

For the second question:
I hate to sound like Mateo, but you have to grasp the limitations of computer hardware. A c64 emulator under an emulated JVM, while it would be cool, would run slower than a Lada full of elephants going uphill against a 400 mph wind. There is a c64 emulator for the TI 68k series, however as one could imagine it's not that great. A JVM emulator is just adding another layer of work onto that, and is therefore completely pointless. So yes, it sounds dumb. But try to make an emulator if you want to, it'd be really awesome!

To summarize, a Petscii robots port is possible. However you would need to put a lot of work into it. Right now I'm working (not really working b/c school and lazy) on a port of M.U.L.E. for the CE and I can tell you that porting a game is not easy work. It requires dedication and good programming skills. If you feel like you're up to the challenge, disregard everything I just said and do it! It would be really cool. Very Happy

Best of luck,
Hmmm.....🤔 I wonder if a different port would work better? A emulator sounds like the best solution though and could be really useful. I mean we do have a ti boy emu but then again that is limited too. I wonder I the 8 bit guy would be interested? I gotta be honest I don't know much about c and assembly. I do plan to learn though but school is kinda taking all my time. Dang...............
I've decided to pick this port back up and port Petscii Robots to the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. I feel like it would be better use of my time to port it to those platforms first as a better use of my time. Petscii Robots could then be run in TI boy CE. However in the future when I have more experience I might do a dedicated port of Petscii Robots. Thanks everyone for the advice. If anyone has any suggestions leave them below please. Very Happy
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