Hello all,

I realized I had not created a proper topic about MyCalcs here... Of course, lots of people here know it from the existing collection topic or from the chat/discord/IRC.
But anyway, now that it's reached a certain level of completeness (model-wise anyway) and usability, I guess it's time to formally present the project Smile

MyCalcs is a website to organize and show your collection of graphing calculators (regardless of their brand)
Contributing also helps the community to document calculator software & hardware revisions over time!

As of this post, MyCalcs has 222 collector profiles, for a total of 2264 registered calculators (143 distinct out of 269 possible).

You should know that, for the moment, this website is in fact only a piece of what is happening on the backend, and which will come out later (not finished yet...)

At the beginning, it was only made for TI graphing calcs, but after some time, I added all the graphing calculators that I could find on the internet... so obviously the Casio and HP models, but also for all more peculiar brands...

Current Features:
  • Account creation and login (there are mods/admins accounts with higher permissions, too)
  • Profile information (nickname, name, avatar, location, short-bio, links to other community site profiles...)
  • Addition of new calculators (with multiple identification fields (serial, datecode, revision...) + comment)
  • Variants of calculators almost all supported (ViewScreen, Colors...) and with specific thumbnails for the most part
  • Quick Facts, summarizing some statistics about the user's collection (total counts, by series...)
  • Global visualization of the collection, complete (with thumbnail images) + simplified (no images)
  • Filtering/Sorting of the various tables (click on column, and search bar)
  • Edition of the collection easily (directly inline, in the table)
  • Export Text+Excel+Printing for the collection
  • Identity cards of calculators + picture
  • Design somewhat responsive for mobile users
  • Connection/registration via TI-Planet with an existing account directly
  • List of collectors, filterable, with some essential statistics
  • Search page by criteria
  • Visual timeline of calculators, mostly populated for TI/Casio/HP only for now
  • Discord WebHook to notify the most keen collectors of new additions, with automatic comparison to the database to find out whether a particular model (TI only) is already known (at the hardware revision level, for the given factory, for the given datecode)
  • ...

Page listing collectors and page of profile of a collector:

Page for editing your profile, to modify information in the table and add a calculator:

Recent improvements::
  • Lots of variants added with their pictures and info, visible in the adding form and search page:

  • Indications on where to find the information directly in the form:

More or less important things to do one day, and other random ideas:
  • Global Collections Statistics Page
  • Continue to complete the database to add model variants and various information
  • Continue to add pictures for models (and variants) that do not yet have one
  • Generator of image-signature
  • Integration with the TI-Planet profile (+ chat command) for one's MyCalcs profile
  • API (probably REST, and read-only, at least)
  • URL rewriting to have nicer addresses
  • French translation?
  • ...

If you have any other ideas, please let me know!

Anyway, I invite you to register and fill your profile (even if you only have one calculator!), and make sure to fill as much information as you can Smile

MyCalcs is available here for all: https://my.calcs.quest/
Lots of somewhat-small new features and improvements lately Very Happy
Thanks to the feedback from a few people (mostly LogicalJoe Razz)

Here are the most important changes recently:
  • Many photos of calculators have been added, almost all the most important ones are now there
  • The filter text input (at the top right), on the various tables, can now also work in RegEx mode (see example), just wrap your filter in /.
  • Profiles can now have a link to a member's personal website
  • The search page now has an "advanced" section to adjust the filtering of prototype and refurbished calculators.
  • The choice of columns to display in the tables can now be customized (button at the bottom left of the table)
  • URLs have been prettified, especially for profile pages, for example https://my.calcs.quest/user/Adriweb (or https://my.calcs.quest/u/1 in canonical form)
  • MyCalcs profile page links by external User ID (from external community sites: 'tip', 'ticalc', 'cw', 'omni', 'ceme', 'nw', 'pc', ' mohpc') are now a thing: parameter xxxx_uid=42
  • ... and therefore, TI-Planet now displays a sidebar link of forum posts + in the profile page, in a "calculators" section, to the MyCalcs profile

For a more complete list of changes, you can see the commit list there in the spoiler tag.
Dark mode? Very Happy

Also nice updates, now I have to get more calcs to make my profile better haha.
Yep, Dark mode is in the todolist, although not at the highest priority 👀

Also yes, do get moar calcs hehe
Adriweb wrote:

Also yes, do get moar calcs hehe
I can do this if more people stream my music on Spotify. More seriously, nice updates. I also like that my profile now has pictures for all the calculators that I own.
Here are the main changes/additions sine last time:

- MyCalcs now has a logo+favicon Smile (with dark/light variants)

- Added advanced data searching and filtering for tables (toggles at the top right of tables)

- Support of signup/login via Google, Facebook, GitHub, Discord, Reddit Smile

- Add a page for Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
Cf. https://my.calcs.quest/legal ; it was required for the social logins
This looks really cool
Love this website it's cool to see people's collections.
Thanks Smile

Let me know if you have any feedback or ideas!
Here's an idea. Maybe put a guide on how to add a calculator. Some people might know now how to find this stuff on there calculators
That's already shown, look at my first post up there Smile

At least, for TI and Casio...
Big slap on my back for being dumb. This is why we read all the way to the top peoples
Wow, that's a great update. This is really looking very polished.

I notice that on the site it's mentioned that a signature-image generator is an upcoming feature--any elaboration on that? Would this simply be a way to show basic stats (number of calcs, distincct calcs, favorite calc, etc.) or would there be any potential for customization with it?

Keep up the great work!
I haven't thought much about the details for the signature generator yet (github issues literally says "brainstorm to do" haha), but for sure there can be multiple styles with various amount of info...

I welcome all ideas regarding this, what would you like to see for instance? Smile
In the very few minutes that I have been thinking about this, I might just like to see a number of default fields that you could add to the signature--like I mentioned earlier, maybe the number of calcs, number of distinct calcs, favorite calc, rarest calc (once you get the global statistics working), a list of the most calcs of a given model that the user has, etc.).

Also, it would be interesting to be able to change the actual appearance of the userbar a bit--such as the top finish (make it look rounded and shiny like many older style userbars), the layout of these fields, and a color or background image would be a few.

Of course, all of the generated images should have a MyCalcs watermark and logo on them as well Smile.
That is a cool website!
Hello could you add a separate picture for colored variants? I notice when scrolling through a list of calcs that it's only labeled with the color and the picture isnt different. Otherwise I'm really enjoying the site it looks very polished. Very Happy
Invalid_Jake wrote:
Hello could you add a separate picture for colored variants? I notice when scrolling through a list of calcs that it's only labeled with the color and the picture isnt different. Otherwise I'm really enjoying the site it looks very polished. Very Happy

This is already a feature, its just a matter of making/adding the pictures, which is not always easy. For a lot of models and variants, there is no copyright-free official render, so we (mostly adriweb) need to take pics and edit them.

Is there a specific model you were referring to?
I was referring to the TI-84 Plus models Very Happy
Ah I meant in the search menu
Edit: it does it on mobile
All variants are supposed to be there, and most have pics (some only pretty recently).

That said, I've made the variants thumbnails bigger i the form <select> so you can see more clearly which one it is.
For instance for the TI-84 Plus:

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