When I bring up the jsTified page on my Macbook with nothing in the calculator ROM, I see one box on the right “Import Calculator Rom Image” and beneath that another box “Export Calculator Rom Image.”

in the second box it gives the following instructions:
Limitations of Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices mean you cannot load *.rom files to jsTIfied from those devices. To use this graphing calculator emulator on your Apple device, follow these steps:
1 From a computer, upload your *.rom image to jsTIfied
2 From the same computer, click this: Create JPEG-encoded ROM image

But when I click choose-file on my Macbook and upload a ROM to jsTified, the second box disappears, and as a result I am unable to click on the link “Create JPEG-encoded ROM image” because I cannot find it anymore.

How should I proceed?

Thank you for your help,

Rick Taylor
I don't believe this is really up to date anymore, it's been years since you can browse files on iOS and choose a .rom for instance.
With recent updates to iOS, you may be able to email yourself a .rom file? Then download the .rom to your iPad by opening the email on your iPad? It is an idea at least.
Thank you both for such a rapid reply!

It seems with updates to IOS, when I click "choose file" from within jsTIfied, i get an option to "Browse" in addition to the options for uploading a photo. By copying the ROM to iCloud, I can then load into jsTIfied.

I'm a teacher who uses an iPad as a whiteboard, so this will help me how to show students how to use th e calculator.

Thanks again,
Rick Taylor
Glad to hear that it is working for you!

There are a lot of resources in the Archives here if you haven't stumbled across them yet, all about using these calculators for math and how to program them.

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