Here is a very slow plotting of Tupper's formula, from the original 543 digit value of K.

This is a slow program and to generate the screenshot, I ran the emulator at max speed for 3 hours. It might take a day or 2 to do on a real calculator.

Feel free to make it faster Smile
If you want to share the program with Cemetechians more easily, feel free to upload to the Downloads archive (you'll need to put it in a zip with a README).
I have improved this program that plots Tuppers Formula on the TI-84 CSE screen.

In this latest version, I implement all of the divides by 2 in assembly directly on the string in memory, the result is a massively faster version of the same thing.

The previous version took 3 hours at maximum Emulator speed, which would have taken over a day on a real calculator.

Now this plots in under 6 minutes real time! Less than 4 minutes if you remove the text printing in TX2.8xp. 37 seconds at Max Emulator speed. Assembly is fast. Thanks for all of the help in the chat room.
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