My MBP keeps stating the software needs to be updated for the TI Connect 5.6.

What can I do to update the software to 5.6?
Go to TI's website and download then re-install TI-CE
I can download the dmg file and put it into applications. Then it says, TI Connect CE can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.

This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.

Anyone have an idea what I can do to use TI Connect?

Oh, and it's on my Mac Mini, not my MacBookPro.

I should've taken your flair advice: Don't Upgrade!

But, I did take your other advice, reuploaded it, replaced it in applications, but still the same error message. I'm certain I'm doing something wrong.

Is there a way I can uninstall and just replace everything with 5.4. It's what I had until about 30 minutes ago.
Did you upgrade your calculator and software, or just one of them?
My calculators are all 5.4.

However, was trying to update my TI Connect to 5.4. When TI asked what I wanted to upgrade, I clicked calculator, thinking that was for the TI Connect.

No worries as all my calculators are still 5.4 and not connected to my computer.
Honestly, if you're having too much trouble with 5.6, stick to 5.4 since it's fine the way it is. Or 5.3.0
Definitely want to stick with 5.4 for TI Connect after this problem. But, how do I resurrect it? I can't seem to open TI Connect.

My mistake. Your recommendation worked.

Should I be worried that TI Connect will try to upgrade my Ti 84 calculators once I connect them?
This is a TI problem, they messed up their TI Connect CE release for mac.

Right click on the TI Connect CE app, then choose Open. Then you might have a button that says "Open anyway" after that error/warning. If not, go to the Settings app, Security -> Open anyway.
You are right about that last post.

But, will TI Connect try to upgrade my calculators once I connect them? Or would it ask first?

I'm a newbie and not certain
Thanks for the heads up about the problem with TI Connect. I really should've taken your flair advice not to upgrade past 5.4.

Thanks again. I appreciate your help.

If you're ever in Orange County, CA, I'll hand you a Starbucks giftcard.
If it tries to upgrade, deny it. Never update to 5.6 until someone finds an exploit.
I've connected my calculator to TI-CONNECT CE 5.4, it asked to upgrade the software, and not the calculators.
Thanks, my dude!
I've updated my other calculator to 5.6, but for ''science'' purposes only.
Well, I had this same problem with a friends MBP. There should be an option to still open it but Apple would not recommend it. Hit open and it should work.
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