I'm creating FNF for a calculator and want to add song sheets, and am planning on using lists to do this.

I need 2 lists, One list that has a number from 1 to 4, and one list that corresponds with how far down the y axis it is. I have all the rendering and random numbers working, but there seems to be an error when I try to set a number in a list.

When searching on this topic, I only found the copy data command, which sets all the values of a list, but I need to do it one number at a time.

What I am currently doing is using something like this


It is giving me an error though. Does anyone know a workaround for this
In Ice you use lists like this:
5→*{L1+0} // can hold numbers up to 255 (takes one byte, 0)
2020→**{L1+1} // can hold numbers up to 65535 (takes two bytes, 1-2)
70000→***{L1+3} // can hold numbers up to 16777215 (takes three bytes, 3-5)
3→*{L1+6} // takes byte 6


Note that each entry needs enough space until the next one
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