Hello Im new to programming, I simply just want to know how can I program a simple formula without having to manually do it. Im in 3rd year of college and I have many formulas that I have to use that are all very long and complicated so my teacher say to programm on our calculators. But I only know how to do it manually on my calculator:
I have the ability to connect it to my pc. Also I have the normal programing text I have the formula in PDF, converted into text using and online tool, so if there was some sort of online tool, i could convert it into TI Basic and it would be done, but I cant find anything like that.

Please help thank you.
What is your formula?

You shouldn't need a computer to do any of this. On your calculator, hit [prgm], scroll to NEW, hit Enter, and name it whatever you want. Then basically all you need in your program is something like this:

Prompt A,B,C
Disp A+B+C

Replace the formula with whatever it is you need it to be. Replace A B and C with whatever variables you need in the formula.

The Disp command and Prompt command can be found in the [prgm] menu as well, if you hit that and scroll to the right one menu.

Then to run your program, hit [2nd] [mode] to quit the program editor, hit [prgm] again, and select your program. Then it'll ask you for the variable values you want to input.
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