Hi, first post here. My new calculator & hub arrived and I'm read to 'conquer' at least Circuitpython, with it and with my Pi & the Adafruit Playground Express.
This calculator dropped the.ASM feature, but I found a workaround and loaded Pac-Man.
My Z80 days behind me, at 81 I hope I can handle Python.
I learn best using the P&M (plagurize &modify) approach using examples.
So I'm looking for all the cheat sheets and Circuitpython examples to start with.

Nice - I find Python a lot of fun, and true to whoever said it's "Easy to Learn, but tough to master". For me the biggest hurdles are regressing to procedural programming and always find it hard that indexes don't start at one, and end at the end! Grr!
You may soon find that the 84+CEPE has very low hardware resources. The rule of thumb is that beyond several KBs of source code, the program won't fit in the poor little ATSAMD21's memory.
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