I am trying to make a text adventure set in a frozen wilderness after a plane crash, where all is not what it seems.
Now, before you say, “That’s cold, you dingus, not heat!”, let me explain:
There will be a mechanic where you have to keep a fire going or carry some form of HEAT with you while exploring, or else you will freeze!
So, fire is the source of the HEAT (at least so far).
Posting images on Cemetech seems to be difficult on my device, so i will post pictures on the discord (but not so many it becomes spam).

Working title: “Camp”
That’s cold, you dingus, not heat!sorry, had to go for the low-hanging fruit

The generally accepted way to upload your pictures to Cemetech is to upload them to a site like Imgur and then copy the appropriate BBCode share link over here :)

I'm excited to play your game, keep up the good work :D
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