Update Time!!!

So far we've made several changes and bug fixes. Thanks to our fellow cemetechians, we have something GOOOOODDD!!!

Here's the eye candy!!
First up is the Map Editor (only supports one screen for now):

Next, we proudly present our latest edition of SurvivalCE! It supports loading the map from the Editor!
Again, thanks to everyone for helping us pull this off:

I will fix the introduction text to be more readable soon!
Wow the progress is looking great!

The speed that it runs at in the screenie is also very nice Smile.
New Update to our Editor!! I used the same technique I used in 2D Minecraft CE when it comes to the world engine. It's unbelievable but it doesn't use lists or matrices, but numbers stored in a static char variable. The entire map takes up around 58817 bytes of an appvar.
The Map is 14*14 rooms btw...

Here's a preview:

I think we're on a roll!
Check it out!! It's almost as good as I want it to be.

What to you guys think?? I'd appreciate the comments!

EDIT: We're getting so many updates in, some minor, some major.
Here's another screenie:

Looks more and more like the Zelda-style Map Engine... man it can be complicated.
Wow looks neat Smile. few bugs here and there bug good job overall
uh also where is Michael0x18?
What in the world is up with that scrolling. It's super slow and shaky Sad
Scrolling has been fixed, but the screenshot is older.
I'm kind of busy lately, but I'm still doing stuff (sprites, mostly)...
Yeah, we've both been working hard...
Anyways, first, an update... also first, a minor bug...

- Everything
- You can see the collision detection isn't functioning exactly properly as of right now...
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