There is any way to pur doors on the Ti Nspire cx calculator?
(And how)
No, you can't "put doors" on the Nspire series Smile

TI has four (five ?) extremely different calculator series, with different processors and capabilities:
* the TI-Z80 family, DoorsCS / DoorsCSE targets the 83+-like subset of those;
* the TI-eZ80 family, for which there's no publicly available version of DoorsCE - people just use the full-featured Cesium and the shared community library framework;
* the TI-68k family, for which there's a "doors" as well, namely DoorsOS... but that old thing creating instability and lacking support for even remotely modern versions of the OS and hardware should be avoided at all costs, PreOS is the preferred "kernel" for the TI-68k series;
* the Nspire family, containing the Clickpad, Touchpad, CM, CX and CX II models. Maybe the CX II model is different enough from the others to warrant the creation of a fifth family: the CPU and amount of RAM + Flash are similar, but other devices aren't, and it has a different USB PID and uses a different communication protocol, containing a variant of the Nspire series' NavNet protocol, and more...
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