I did start this a bit later than everyone else Very Happy I guess it took me a little while to actually decide to do this.

My idea is a platforming game. But not a normal platforming game. Instead, it focuses on basic programming and circuit design. The idea is that you have a player, and you place 'sensors' in particular locations to check for specific conditions: i.e. a sensor 3 pixels in front of the robot would fire if it touches/covers an existing pixel. You will be able to link together sensors with logical gates, such as and, not, xor, or. The results of a sensor or a gated sensor can be linked to a specific function of the bot: i.e. run, jump, grab, or use. Each level will provide an 'upgrade,' which may add a new sensor, or make the robot jump higher or run faster.

This will be written in 68k basic, for the 92. I might make a port for the 89, depending on the timeframe.
Sounds like a cool concept! Will love to see the final product!
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