Anyone play Geometry Dash? My username is TANKIMASTER for anyone who does play. Very Happy
I barely do, I work on one level from time to time. My only complaint is that new features come out too fast and without any sort of documentation on how to put them into levels, and how all the top users know how to make the best level within 2 hours.

Also, the 2016 edition of Purity released so time to start making my level from scratch.
Just look up the stuff on the internet or on Youtube. That's what I do! Smile
This game is dead, and nobody cares
De2290 wrote:
This game is dead, and nobody cares

This thread is dead, it was last posted on in 2016. Please actually read the dates on posts. You're the same person (or bot?) who necro-posted that old math program thread too.
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