yes yes, if it were not for you all, I would be carring ONLY about calcs. But now I just care more about calcs and a little less about grammer and spelling. Laughing . No but really. You all have a big influence on board members. Especially you Kerm, I would not be suprised if the whole staff at TI knew about you, pretty much as the best TI programmer ever know to calculators Razz .

I am thinking about taking an IQ test myself, just to see what it is.

KermMartian wrote:
Nice. How do they do it for 1st graders?
It's the same for first graders as anybody else. Most likely, I would score much much higher 11 years later.
Haha, I got a 102! But I am tired, I will try again tomorrow.

Razz That's what they all say. Wink
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