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Hey guys, I created a program that can do ANY synthetic division problem on a TI-84. The way I programmed it, it can do an infinite amount of terms, can do imaginary numbers, roots, you name it, EVERYTHING. Please spread the word around because this is not a prototype, this is the REAL deal. It took me awhile to think of it, but once you realize what I've done, you will be amazed. I made YouTube video of about it. I hope you like my commentary. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouT6aT55dRI
Hey, welcome to Cemetech! You should introduce yourself!

That program looks pretty neat! Is it like the program in the Cemetech downloads here?

EDIT: You should add to your poll an option of "Some of it" Since I didn't really want to sit for 22 minutes so I skipped around. Smile
Yeah, I've done my research. I've been to many different forum websites, checking to see if someone has a similar program to mine, but I can't seem to find anyone who has. Every single synthetic division program I've seem has limitations on the amount you can do, and is programmed different entirely. That's why I was so happy and surprised when I came up with it. Actually, fun fact, I didn't even know how to program, I just watched a random video of it, and I set-up the way they set it up. Then the gears turned, and I came up with this.

Yeah, I can change it to some of it, I know it's quite long, but the last ten minutes are going through the program itself with different problems.
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