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Is there still an interest in this? I was thinking about launching this event perhaps in September. The rules would be simple:

1) Towns must use a purchased plot with the plot type set to arena. The structure you build to defend must fit within this plot, and may extend vertically however you like.

2) Solo players/non town settlements wishing to participate have the same build specifications, but don't need a claimed plot.

3) Griefing the structure (breaking/placing blocks) is not allowed. Chests within the 1 plot area are fair game (except the recovered stuff chest), chests outside are not.

4) You can use whatever armor/weapons/tools/potions that you would use if you were actually trying to attack a town. If you die, you will get your stuff back... it will be placed into the recovered gear chest of the town/settlement you died in. We'll use this system unless the admins approve a plugin expansion to support pvp in multiple towns, and until it is actually implemented.

5) I'm considering creating an insurance program for the rare chance something may get lost in combat. You'd pay a nominal participation fee per event (to participate in insurance, not the event) and if you lost something in combat, you'd get paid 100% of the replace cost of what you lost. <== This is an idea, not something that's definite.

Just one final poke for whoever is interested in participating in the event or trying it out to let me know. And to make sure we have the green light on doing this.

Defense Structure Rules

1. Must fit within a single plot.
2. Must be accessible by enemy players (you cannot make an inpenetrable cobble box).
3. Traps would be allowed so long as they do not destroy items (pending ArenaHelper update)
4. There must be a marked chest to deposit loot collected from killed player.
"Oops, I lost my elytra in the 'battle' of sorting my chests"

Yeah, I personally veto the "insurance", even though I might regret that decision.
_iPhoenix_ wrote:
"Oops, I lost my elytra in the 'battle' of sorting my chests"
Yeah, I personally veto the "insurance", even though I might regret that decision.

I'd veto that as well. There's no way of knowing someone actually lost someone in battle unless we inventory everyone's inventory beforehand. Although what we could do is allow the "insurance" to cover only gear type items, like armor or weapons, and not elytra or anything else like that.
I'd say the insurance opens you up to misuse. If Infinity+Mending bows still exist and someone "lost" it, you'd have no way to give that back to them, or even if it was an item that was beyond max enchantment. The mods not going to step in and pay out for insurance you're providing. You could certainly exclude enchantments, though.

lost something in battle unless we inventory everyone's inventory beforehand.

The problem with this is that I can have my inventory logged and then go hide items I wish to "claim as lost." LogBlock can find those items but ideally you should be able to verify lost items without using moderators as a crutch.

Lastly, how do you plan to verify items are lost instead of breaking due to significant damage?
Good questions, and probably why I'll end up not doing an insurance system. Or a simpler way is to just give out a few diamonds to everyone participating so they can repair/replace their base gear and leave it at that.
ps: Did WorldEdit ever get fixed? We need the ST ships regenned when possible.
A small request of people... Anyone here good with art. I've already asked a few people who are or will be helping, but anyone who wants to make some artwork--- logos or backgrounds (png or jpeg) for this event are welcome to do so. One of which I'll use as the background on my page.
So, as we gear up and plan for how to roll this event out, and figure out what set of rules to best control structures and stuff, I went about creating a webpage for this event:

As you can see, the top of the page cycles through a gallery of images from the event. By clicking on "Share Images" or simply scrolling down, you may access a file upload form that lets you share your own images from this event (only). The secret to upload is @cemeserverwar.

Better yet, after getting the gallery animated, I converted the system to an RSS feed. Alex, Kerm, if you wish, feel free to integrate the feed with Play @ Cemetech or Fb or Twitter or wherever. Anytime a new gallery image is added, you'll get new content Smile
The feed link is: http://caglianotechdesigns.com/minecraft/pvp/serverwar/gallery.xml.
I recommend personally moderating all images that come in. If there are too many, I could help, if needed.

777 posts. yay, time to move on from this cringey milestone.
I'd be happy to let you or anyone else help with that, if I have the time to code a moderation system on the page. Also, iPhoenix, the time has come for me to set up my BM shop to sell materials for this event. Can we collab on this asap?!

Now, a few questions:
1. What do the populace of players interested in this event (and admins) have to say about ALLOWING TNT artillery cannons in this event? To my knowledge, a detonating TNT will not cause damage if the plot it explodes within has explosions disallowed. This would allow a townified participating player to choose whether or not to allow vulnerability to TNT by toggling the explosions flag on that plot, but keep the surrounding area safe. Of course, we would have to alert players to not use TNT against a non-town participant, due to higher chance of collateral damage.

2. Would the admins be willing to, from time to time, contribute prizes to this event? Such as, for instance, a Prot V item, or Sharp VI item... you get the idea. The decision on whether to make such items a part of the event could be tied to the difficulty level of the particular event. For example, if a player decides to opt into TNT damage and still holds out for the time limit, they get some special reward.

3. A system of wagering on the outcome of the event? Players can place bets on if they think the defending base will hold out or not. The defending town or player gets a % of the bets as a stipend (to help compensate the possible costs of participating), and all players with the winning bet split the remainder. Event participants cannot bet.
So in the next few days, I plan to revise the image upload system to upload to a temporary xml file, for review. Once the file is reviewed, the XML node gets moved to the RSS feed.

Also, I expanded the "event plot" specifications from limited to 1x1 to anywhere from 1x1 to 2x2, in plots. This allows a slightly larger structure, if you have the land space to support it.

To the admins: I recommend using dlvrit.com if you want to integrate these (and other) RSS feeds with Facebook and Twitter pages. I'll keep the Server war images feed, and possible an image feed for the Star Trek event and a Server War blog. A free dlvrit account lets you sync up to 10 RSS feeds.

Also, would we be able to give the defending player/town a reward? As of now, there is no reward if the defending town or player is able to defend itself.... they/it just keeps its items. Can we have a reward for defending players/town based on how long it held out. The longer the defenders are able to hold off attack, the more reward the town gets. Additional rewards could be given if the defenders allow explosions on that plot.
As of now, me and LittleMoonBeam and possibly Rivereye seem to have completed or be working on plots for this event. So assuming there are no setbacks, and the admins still are ok with this, I'm tossing around November 18th as the possible first event date.

So far, we have my town, Little's town, TurquoiseDrag0n's town, and Rivereye's town participating. Two days prior to the event (Nov 16th), one of them will be chosen at random. That town will be defending its *event plot* from other players/towns trying to invade. The objective for the defending town is simple... defend a pre-filled chest of goodies from attack. The objective for attackers is equally simple... try to get to that chest. You'll have one hour to defend/attack.

- You can use whatever equipment you want to use.
- Raiding chests other than the marked event chest is not allowed, and will get you in trouble.
- Killing players not involved in the match is also not allowed.
- The defending team must set its event plot to an Arena, using the command /plot set arena. If you are using more than one plot, all of them must be set to arena.
- The defending team will have to create a PVP event in ArenaHelper, using the command /pvp create [townname], where [townname] is the town that is the target. This will ensure that players participating in the event keep their inventories if they die.
- Any participating players, on defense or offense will have to type /pvp join [townname]. If you forget to do this and die, you will lose your stuff.

@Kerm, comic, or whoever controls the minecraft server's social media feeds: http://caglianotechdesigns.com/minecraft/pvp/serverwar/gallery.xml <== That's a link to an RSS feed where screenshots and even videos from the event will go. That can be integrated with the fb pages, and whereever else you'd want to link to it.
Alright so after having been busy as heck through the holidays, I've finally settled on holding the server war event next weekend. Possibly saturday. Who among the participants is available that day? That would be the 6th of January.

As far as who the target is, it would be either myself, Rivereye, or Little, selected at random on Friday.
First Match

As per my indication earlier the week, I'll attempt to run this first even this Saturday at roughly 1pm EST. This may be slightly later depending on availability, but I'll try to start it as close to 1 as possible.

As of right now, the currently ready and participating players are:
ACagliano (Glacial Heights) ACagliano, Maireadlynn, Lord_Charlemagne, CashewCat
Rivereye (Eye-land) commandblockguy, Rivereye, Hedge
LittleMoonBeam (Moon_Forest) LittleMoonBeam ??
TurquoiseDrag0n (Palamecia) TurquoiseDrag0n ??

As of right now, Rivereye might not be available, and Turq is not ready to defend (but will play), meaning that either myself or Little will defend. If Little is unavailable, the event will postponed. A selected target or a postponement will be announced in Discord and Skype tomorrow at some point so stay tuned.

Bear in mind that ArenaHelper will protect players while they are within the War plot of the target. You will not lose your inventory when you die. That being said, I urge you to avoid bringing any extreme gear you may have won from tifreak's events or other events, particularly those with vanishing because I'm not sure how KeepInventory and vanishing interact. Beyond that, bring anything else you think will assist you in invading.

Also bear in mind that you will have one hour to attack the target and try to get to the chest. You may not start out toward the target until time starts, you may however prepare. If you are killed during the event, try again. KeepInventory should prevent you from losing your gear.

Points: If you breach a chest and take even a single item out, announce it in chat. You'll get a loot point. If you are killed and able to get back to the chest, announce again. If a defender ends the event with something still in their loot chest, they are announced the winner and get a point for each attacking player. If a defender's loot chest is emptied completely, all attacking players get another loot point. Players will also receive a KD score, and I'll work out a formula for scoring based on how players perform.

REMINDER: Do not touch any other chest besides the loot chest in the Server War structure. Bear in mind that stealing is not allowed on this server and after the event, if we suspect foul play, we can find out. The event chest is marked with the Yellow and Black server war banner.

For more details, visit: http://caglianotechdesigns.com/minecraft/pvp/serverwar
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