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The abba world sure is a doozy this time around. Just look at this:

Side note, I actually got the "Adventuring Time" advancement out of this! All I had left to do was to visit the Mushroom Island biome.
Thanks for showing us the mushroom biome!

I also converted an earlier panoramic render I took of the entire server into a resource pack that changes the main menu panorama. It can be found in the archives here.

Decided to beef up my nether portal... nothing much better to do at 4 in the morning (ft. yung hov, YBN Yahmir, The robopups, and robo's rocking rumble set)
That's one shiny nether portal!

Here are some screenshots from 2 months ago that I hadn't shared yet:

A wild rabbit poses for a picture in the speedway, with my town in the background.

A sunset shot of my mansion on a somewhat brisk afternoon.

Removing the hill by the mall. This mountain/hill is long since gone, but _iPhoenix_ and I enjoyed some time planting tnt down. Some mall repair was required afterward, but nothing too big to handle.

As of now I am focusing on finals, and then doing some programming. I hope to develop more of my town sometime soon though, and get the mall completely up and running Smile

Evil or Very Mad
Been meaning to post this one for a while. It's not super high-res or anything but you can see what's going on.

Alright, so I know there's such thing as too much shaders, but here's some of the nice screenshots I've recently taken:

A proper walkway now connecting my base to iPhoenix's base and Glacial Heights

The Horse Barn at Sunset

The Speedway at Sunrise

The Mansion in stormy weather

My Main Headquarters

The (completed!) Train Station

The Mall, from a nearby hill
Beautiful screenshots, Michael; thanks for sharing! They're sufficiently attractive that they're making me want to make time to play more Minecraft. Smile
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