Haha, nice find! I bet KSP predicted this all along Very Happy
Lots of cool photos!

tr1p1ea wrote:
Cool, we had a few eclipses visible from Australia in the early 2000's that I remember.

You have to wonder what ancient people's thought of such phenomenon.
I remember that too, although I never paid enough attention back then or bothered to try to observe them Sad
I made a "Behind the Scenes" video of how I achieved my photo. In that video I fixed a few things I did wrong in my portrait on the first page. So I'll be updating that picture soon but here are the two photos I did in the video. In the first photo was I aligned the eclipse photos in a line then rotated the entire thing to fit in the frame. This created an issue because it displayed the Moon moving down across the Sun rather than from the upper right to the lower left.

The things I didn't do this time around was include the diamond ring photos nor enlarge the total eclipse. But at least this is more accurate.

I of course had to get Mini Me and I added in a fake orange glow to the horizon, which I think looks awful. Haha.

Macro Man Alex Eclipse by Alex Glanville, on Flickr

This photo I actually took DURING totality. I used the same set of photos from Mini Me on this one. I removed the eclipsed Sun from this photo but first used it to create a point of reference. The (eclipsed) Sun in this photo is the proper size and in the proper location. The surrounding Suns are the correct size as well but may not be in the proper location, I didn't really photograph a point of reference for the progression.

Eclipse Full Size by Alex Glanville, on Flickr

Here's what the photos looked like before editing.
This sort of fell off my radar but I was asked about it at work so I sat down yesterday and finally created a gif of the eclipse from my photos. I used 95 photos, taken over 2.5 hours to create this 3 second gif:

This gif is 200x200 pixels, I have a 400x400 version as well, which you can view by clicking the gif. It's 3MB in size and figured that was too big to embed. This 200x200 is only 900kb. The full size gif is 34MB.

Also, the YouTube video is on its way. I recorded it all those weeks ago but never did anything with it since. It's 45 minutes of pure horrible narration and demonstration. It follows the creation of the above image of Mini Me AND the zoomed out shot of the building. So, you get a lot in those 45 minutes. Most of the time is spent aligning the eclipse shots and can probably be skipped past if you're not too interested. I doubt I'll ever make another video tutorial because I don't actually photoshop much.

Perhaps I'll put together a written tutorial as well.
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