Alex wrote:
That's well done! I'm actually quite surprised the corners of the header image aren't transparent.

CalcMeister wrote:
EDIT: Wow, I have no idea what I'm doing.

Neither did I when I started! There's still a lot I don't know but I don't do CSS stuff that often. I'm learning more and more as I advance along on a side project though! Keep it up, I want to see what you come up with.


And on the topic of the CSS stuff, I just edit everything in the chrome inspect. Ctrl + Shift + C and select the element, and then I use their editor to change everything, and then just copy it and paste it in the userstyles editor or a css file.

I'm curious to see what you guys come up with! Our forum actually provides an easy method to switch out the stylesheet used so you can have multiple themes without multiple sets of template files, so perhaps if you come up with something everyone likes...

Also, those corners are not transparent because the header is a JPEG rather than a PNG for size reasons. Sad
Delete the first <head>...</head> to get a 90's look
To those who want a blank slate to work with, you can revert Cemetech's theme to Cemetech Classic in the Edit Profile menu.
I got bored. The result was a green Cemetech Razz
Lookin good, though maybe make the search bar green as well?
I actualy really like that green Cemetech.
Whoa, that is hella green. That reminds me of when we made a green TIFreakware Cemetech for April Fool's Day one year.
Unicorn wrote:
Lookin good, though maybe make the search bar green as well?

I reloaded by mistake by thinking the search bar was just an image, and not an actual link, so the stylesheet never saved Neutral. I'm gonna try to recreate it though.

I got bored again, and this time, I made Cemetech a snazzy purple. It's a Cemetwitch Razz

I was having trouble changing the "Cemetech" text logo, so I left it. Next, I'm going for a really nice orange/red using the gradient combination of #c21500 and #ffc500.

EDIT: Cemetech is now on fire.
Oh boy.

We should let each user define his/her own stylesheet so everybody can have a custom theme. I think it would be super neat.

Here's another theme. I call it ̶D̶a̶n̶k̶e̶t̶e̶c̶h̶ Cemetech Dark. So creative!

Yeah, I am aware that I still need to change the buttonsheets, I just got a little lazy.

Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
mr womp womp wrote:

Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

That’s actually quite nice. Reminds me of gameboy graphics, especially Pokémon.

Evil or Very Mad
Unicorn wrote:

Evil or Very Mad

yep, just grab the header and copy it to the current site Razz
o god Evil or Very Mad

I built this beautiful page with only the very best web design technique (there is only 1) which is:
    Step 1: Copy "direction: rtl;unicode-bidi: bidi-override;" to your clipboard.
    Step 2: Rummage through the page and throw out a bunch of classes and ids. (where we're going, we don't need classes and ids Cool )
    Step 3: Insert your copied line in as many tags as possible till the page is all over the place.
    Step 4: Enjoy your new webpage
decided to hack cookie clicker:
This is probably the most bored I have ever been. I created a full fledged Dark Mode for Cemetech, which includes SC (jsTIfied is to be finished). Cheers to saving our eyes Razz

Get it here

Long story short, PT_, mr womp womp, and I were contemplating new background changes.

This is clearly the best one.
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