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Happy Wheels Level Design
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MinecraftPE Minigame Making
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Super Marm World
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Hi. Here is a thread for my various mini projects I have. This thread shows I have more to do than work on Super Marm World 9_9

Here they are!
-Happy Wheels IOS level design
-MinecraftPE minigame making
-Super Marm World

---Happy Wheels IOS Level Design---
() I have 1 Level finished, one in the works. Finished is BMX, the second is a mineshaft theme. PM me and I'll send my # so you can play them when they come out.
() This is like a more dynamic Oiram Level Editor and I :love: it
() PM me for my # so I can send it to you. I will block you if you're spamming me btw so don't try it.

---MinecraftPE Minigame Making---
() I've been making a pseudo-server that has a variety of minigames to choose from.
() Once I finish my core games, I may consider hosting it.
-xMarminqMC is my tag so friend me so you can be invited to join
() The core games are:
-A TnT Insta-Lit Strategy game (Or you could just spam)
-Capture Point
-Clash PVP (Clash Royale Themed)
-A PvP built around destroying the enemies towers
-Hunger Games
-FFA (More like FFS when you get teamed on Razz)

---Super Marm World---
() You may know what this is already but...
- https://codewalr.us/index.php?topic=2063.msg58223;topicseen#new

Let me know what you like/don't like and I'll change it! Opinions matter when it come to these things!
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